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Today, horizontal zip curtains are becoming increasingly popular as a decorative option. These curtains, which are more affordable than other alternatives, draw attention with their versatility and space-saving qualities. The fabric used in their structure makes them resistant to winds up to 140 km/h, and they are also waterproof, making them suitable for use in open areas with intense rain and wind. Thus, they are often chosen for balconies and window fronts of homes and offices, pergola surrounds, terraces, summer and winter gardens, and more.

Zip curtains, which usually operate with a motorized system, can be directed with a remote control wall bracket, and can also be produced and operated with a rain and wind sensor if desired. Their systematic structure is suitable for all seasons, blocking direct sunlight and reducing the amount of light entering a particular area, helping to save energy in hot months and in air-conditioned spaces.

Modern and stylish zip curtains also provide a seamless view from the inside to the outside in a closed area, while preventing the inside from being seen from the outside. This enhances privacy and provides more comfort. At the same time, these curtains, which constantly circulate the air, keep flies, insects and dust out, protecting against allergies caused by these.

Zip curtains come in a wide range of colors to suit different tastes, wishes, and preferences. Their wipeable and washable fabric is also easy to maintain. Not only do they give an aesthetic appearance to the environment, but they also increase the level of comfort and save energy. This makes them increasingly popular.

Manufacturers of zip curtains, which are generally approved with ISO 9001 as a high-quality guarantee, also provide fabric, motor, and system guarantees to buyers. This allows buyers to use the product confidently and makes curtains a preferred decorative option.


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